Treatment of Slip Disc Without Surgery

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August 8, 2018
Best spine TB doctor in Dwarka 
Best Spine TB Doctor in Dwarka 
August 10, 2018
Treatment of slip disc without surgery

The damage to the intervertebral discs (discs of the spine) which becomes more prominent due to overexertion of the spine is called a slip disc. The disc bulges forward and backward putting pressure on the spinal cord. Treatment of slip disc without surgery is possible if patients take care of themselves and follow the prescription and suggestions of the doctor to the letter.

Some people show no symptoms of the slip disc, and some do not even need surgery for its treatment. Exercise, physical therapy, medications, drugs, etc. are some of the procedures and methods to treat slip disc. Ageing process – the wear and tear of intervertebral discs, poor posture, lack of exercise, lifting heavy loads and weights, improper lifting of weights and objects, etc. are some of the causes of a slipped disc.

Treatment of slip disc without surgery by Dr. Arun Bhanot

People who show symptoms experience pain in neck and back. When it comes neck, patients feel numbness, weakness, tingling sensation in neck, shoulder, arm, and hand. The neck motion increases and decreases the symptoms of slip disc in the neck. As for back symptoms, there is weakness, numbness and tingling sensation in back, legs, buttocks or feet, difficult bowel movements, aggravation of pain while coughing and straining, sciatica (pain down the back of each leg radiating through the buttock), etc.

Not all patients go through the surgical process as slip disc can be treated without surgery too. Slip disc can be treated without surgery with the help of Dr. Arun Bhanot. Exercise, stretching and physical exercise helps in strengthening the muscles. Physical activities within the limits of pain should be done to stabilize the spine. Also, medication is prescribed by the doctor like painkillers, drugs and muscle relaxants, etc. which can treat herniated disc. Good posture should be maintained and the patients should refrain from leaning forward to pick and lift objects. Last, but not the least, rest plays a significant role. The damaged structures in the spine are healed only with a good amount of rest.

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