Spine disc herniation

The soft cartilaginous jelly between two adjacent spine bones slips out of its normal location and comes to lie over the nerve. The pressure from the slipped disc causes inflammation and swelling of the nerve leading to pain (sciatica).

    • Burning sensation in legs
    • Weakness and tenderness in feet
    • Pain in leg due to weak muscles
    • Trouble while walking
    • Pain in buttocks, legs and feet
    • Tingling sensation in feet


Heat therapy is very effective in treating sciatica caused by spine disc herniation. The sensory receptors are are stimulated by heat therapy which obstructs the transfer of pain to the brain. Best rest is also essential as it helps in relieving the pain to a great extent. Medications and lumbar injections are also given the doctor to treat sciatica. Aerobics, exercise and walking help in lessening the pain considerably as it helps in release of endorphins which fight pain into your system. 

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