Spinal Stenosis

The spinal cord  and other nerves in the spine can get compressed due to the narrowing of the bony tunnel of spinal column.

  • Weakness in buttock
  • Pain in buttocks
  • Weakness felt below the knee
  • Ache in arms and shoulders
  • Trouble while standing
  • Discomfort while walking up the stairs
  • Numbness and tenderness in back and leg

Back flexion stretch helps in relieving the pain caused by spinal stenosis which results in sciatica. Steroid injections, physical therapy, exercises are done to get the better of both spinal stenosis and sciatica. The stretching exercises are the most important and essential when it comes to treating the pain and fatigue. Conservative and traditional methods are initially recommended by the doctors, however, if they do not show any results, surgery is done by the doctor to treat sciatica. Minimally invasive surgery is done by the surgeon, i.e. laparoscopic surgery. The patients recuperate quickly post surgery and are allowed to go home after the surgery. Also, they are permitted to begin their regular activities quickly in comparison to the open surgery. 

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