Causes for back pain
Causes For Back Pain
August 6, 2018
Avoid surgery for sciatica
Avoid Surgery For Sciatica
August 7, 2018
Lower back pain specialist

The lower back in the human body has a great role to play. Starting below the ribcage, it lends support to the upper body and performs a number of functions for the body. Movements and motions like bending and twisting done on daily basis is because of the lower back. Carrying out daily activities can be difficult during the lower back pain as it is an obstruction in the performing the various motions. The lower back pain specialist, Dr. Arun Bhanot, guides his patients about the treatment from home remedies to surgeries.

The pain can be divided into three categories – acute pain, subacute low back pain and chronic back pain. The one which lasts for a few days or weeks is called acute pain. It slackens off on its own, Subacute low back pain is a prolonged and lasts somewhere in the region between 6 weeks and 3 months. A severe pain that does not respond to medical and initial treatments, and lasts over 3 months is chronic back pain.

Lower back pain specialist to get rid of the pain

Muscle strain, strained muscle, lifting heavy objects, abrupt movements, damaged discs, prolonged sitting and standing, twisting, improper lifting, bulging discs, ruptured discs, arthritis, sciatica, etc. are some of the causes of back pain.

In order to prevent the back pain, the doctor provides certain tips and suggestions so that the pain can be kept at bay. Body weight must be controlled through regular workout and exercise along with a healthy and proper diet. People must stay from smoking and maintain a good posture while sitting and standing.

When the pain shoots in the lower back, there are symptoms that are clearly visible. The signs shown by the patients are achy and stinging pain in back and thighs, burning pain in lower legs and feet, tingling sciatica, pain worsens after hours of sitting or standing, problem in standing and sitting, discomfort in movements, tightness in lower back and hips, etc.

There are different treatments given to the patients keeping in consideration the causes of the pain and the symptoms shown by the patients. The lower back pain specialist analyzes each case in detail and provides home remedies like ice packs and hot compress to prevent the weakening of muscles. In addition to drugs and painkillers, physical therapies and medication is provided to the patients. Surgery is also done but in rare cases like nerve compression and herniated disc. Fusion, artificial disc and discectomy are some of the surgeries for treating back pain.

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