Spine disc herniation

The infection around the lower back causes irritation to the nerve roots. The lower back pain results from heavy lifting or bending which results in sciatica. It is through the blood that the infection spreads to the spine and thereafter vertebral discs. It leads to spinal deformity causing pain and bone collapse. 

  • Pain in lower back
  • Pain aggravates while bending, sitting
  • Trouble while climbing stairs
  • Numbness and weakness of leg
  • Pain in hips and knees
  • Unexplained weight loss

Medications are given to treat the pain caused by infection around lower back which results in sciatica. Also, rest is recommended by the doctors to provide relief to the patients. In order to improve the stability of the spine, bracing is done by the doctors. Antibiotic medicines are also given to patients suffering from lower back pain. In case of nerve compression, surgery is done by the surgeon to improve pain and rectify the spinal deformity. 

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