Back pain treatment hospitals in Dwarka 
Back Pain Treatment Hospitals in Dwarka 
August 30, 2018
Best treatment back pain to leg pain
Best Treatment Back Pain To Leg Pain
September 5, 2018

Doctor For Spinal Stenosis

Doctor for spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces between the bones within the spinal cord. Occurring mostly in the neck and lower back, it exerts pressure on the bones and nerves which travel through the spine to arms and legs. Usually, men and women above 50 years suffer from this condition but young people can also get it if they are born with such a condition. Also, any injury to the spine can also result in the compressing of the nerves. The doctor for spinal stenosis recommends certain treatments which can help patients get over pain and resolve the symptoms.

On the basis of the location, the spinal stenosis is of two types – cervical stenosis and lumbar stenosis. When the narrowing occurs in the neck, it is known as cervical stenosis. Whereas the narrowing in the lower back is known as lumbar stenosis.

Receive the best treatment from the best doctor for spinal stenosis

It is the wear and tear changes in the spine concerning osteoarthritis that is the common cause of its occurrence. Several other causes which can cause spinal stenosis are herniated discs, bone tumors, thickened ligaments, overgrowth of bone, congenital spinal defects, scoliosis, abrupt injury, Paget’s disease, etc.

As for the symptoms of the spinal stenosis, people may not experience any symptom or show any sign. However, numbness, pain in arms and legs, cramps are felt when the pressure is put on the nerve roots or the spinal cord due to the narrowing. Other symptoms include tingling sensation, problem with balance and walking, sciatica, pain in neck, bowel or bladder dysfunction, etc. In the beginning, there might not not be any trace of symptoms but they begin to surface with bending forwards.

When it comes to the spinal stenosis treatment, there are a number of suggestions and procedures for treating the condition given by Dr. Arun Bhanot. Home remedies and attention to one’s lifestyle is suggested such as maintenance of healthy body weight. Patients are asked to apply hot and ice packs to assuage the pain. Physical therapy is also said to work wonders as exercises can build up strength and maintain the stability of the spine. Surgery is done to the patients with severe condition in order to create more space for the spinal cord. Some of the surgeries done by the surgeon are laminectomy, laminotomy, minimally invasive surgery, laminoplasty, etc.

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