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The compression of the sciatic nerve around piriformis muscle which is located in the region of buttock is known as piriformis syndrome. When the piriformis muscle compresses the sciatic nerve (which is the longest nerve in the human body), pain is triggered. Piriformis muscle is a muscle in the gluteal region of the lower limb. The doctor for piriformis syndrome treatment in Delhi can come to the rescue of the patients down with piriformis syndrome.  If you are climbing stairs or too busy in a work which demands sitting for a long period of time, the condition of the patients deteriorates. The cause of this kind of syndrome in patients is movement or any physical activity that leads to the pressure on the piriformis muscle.

Whenever any injury happens due to any sports or any physical activity, the piriformis muscles tightens and swells. Also, it leads in the bleeding around the piriformis muscle. Muscle spasm in the piriformis muscle also causes piriformis syndrome.

Doctor for piriformis syndrome treatment in Delhi for the patients

Symptoms shown by patients with piriformis syndrome are pain in legs, numbness and tenderness, pain in buttocks, etc. The pain worsens in cases when the patients sits for continuous hours. In other words, the sedentary lifestyle adds more to the woes of piriformis syndrome. It also leads to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. It is also recommended by the doctor to maintain a good posture while working out, exercising, running, etc. Stretching and strengthening is recommended by the doctors. Exercising has a great benefit to treat the piriformis syndrome, stretching is recommended every two to three hours in a day. The pressure on the sciatic nerve is also alleviated by the application of ice. Also, it helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. Exercises which involve lifting and jumping weights are equally beneficial in providing relief to the patients. Medicines along with muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs are given by the doctor for piriformis syndrome treatment in Delhi, and surgery is done when the medicines and exercises do not produce the desired effect.

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