Best Treatment Back Pain To Leg Pain

Doctor for spinal stenosis
Doctor For Spinal Stenosis
September 4, 2018

Best Treatment Back Pain To Leg Pain

Best treatment back pain to leg pain

Some people reel under the pain of back pain without paying much heed to it. Bearing the brunt of back pain has become our habit. But then there are others who take good care of themselves and look for treatment. Especially the ones who do not seem to get rid of the back pain which begins to affect their daily activities and reaches their legs too. The best treatment back pain to leg pain help the patients reduce their pain and symptoms no matter what the cause is.

Pain in back is only noticed when carrying out simple tasks become arduous. When normal activities and running errands become strenuous, the pain becomes severe and becomes an obstacle. This condition calls for immediate consultation from doctor. The pain which runs from back to thighs and legs is a sign of sciatica which can cause. It arises from the irritation of the sciatic nerve which is the longest nerve in the body.

What is the best treatment back pain to leg pain?

It is caused by ageing, herniated disc, overgrowth of bone, obesity, pinched nerve from a disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, prolonged sitting, diabetes, etc. Sciatica starts from the lower back pain and travels to the thighs, legs and foot. The symptoms shown by the patients are pain in back and legs, numbness and tingling sensation in lower back, legs, and foot, bowel and bladder dysfunction, weight loss, fever, urinary incontinence, recent injury or trauma to the back, numbness around anus and buttocks, etc. The patients need immediate medical attention of the symptoms do not improve.

It is very rare that surgery is done for back pain. There are a number of home remedies recommended by the back pain doctor, Dr. Arun Bhanot. Patients have to improve their lifestyle and involve exercises in their daily routine. Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories are also given by the doctor for treating the pain caused by back pain and sciatica. Back pain physiotherapy play an important role when it comes to any kind of back pain be it acute, sub-acute or chronic. The doctors always recommend certain exercises which can improve flexibility and build endurance and strength. Hot packs and cold packs should be also applied to alleviate the pain. Surgery is done when the therapies don’t work

In order to prevent the condition, one must exercise on regular basis to keep one’s back strong and use good body mechanics along with maintaining a good posturing while sitting and standing.

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