Best Doctor For Lower Back Pain 

Best spine TB doctor in Dwarka 
Best Spine TB Doctor in Dwarka 
August 10, 2018
Spinal stenosis treatment 
Spinal Stenosis Treatment
August 28, 2018
Best doctor for lower back pain 

No matter how much you shun, lower back pain manifests itself again and again. It becomes necessary for people to consult the doctor so that the pain can be alleviated. The best doctor for lower back pain recommends various exercises and therapies along with medications and painkillers to the patients. If ignored, it can lead to a prolonged medical issue which can result in serious complications.

An abrupt movement, which you might me unaware of, can cause pain in lower back. The lower back supports the upper body and protects various body tissues, and hence it becomes very essential to take care of it. At times, we do not realize and our activities and daily errands contribute in the lower back pain. Once it arrives, it takes a lot to overcome it. Therapies, medications are required in order to get rid of it. It can be caused by muscle strain and muscle tension, spinal stenosis, disc injury, lifting of heavy objects, slipped disc, sciatica, etc.

Best doctor for lower back pain for treating all kinds of cases

The pain can be mild, intense, acute and severe. Depending on the conditions of the pain, the treatment is doled out. For patients suffering from lower back pain, physiotherapy is the first and foremost treatment recommended by Dr. Arun Bhanot who is one of the renowned doctors known for his qualification, experience and treatments he has performed successfully. In this kind of treatment active physical therapy and passive physical therapy are included. Exercises, stretching, application of heat and ice packs, electrical stimulation comes under physiotherapy. These therapies decrease the pain and help in stimulating the soft tissues. Also, these help in increasing the function of the lower back.

Medications, painkillers are also given to reduce the amount of pain. There are severe cases as well like that of nerve compression which calls for surgery. Surgeries are also done by the doctor to treat the patients.

Reach AUM Clinics, Dwarka or Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram to get treated from the lower back pain specialist, Dr. Arun Bhanot.

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